Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out of this Solitude

Out of this Solitude by Gertrude Bertelsen Gunderson

This is a link to Gertrude Bertelsen Gunderson's 75 page book of poems in PDF format (18.7 MB download). Gertrude Bertelsen Gunderson was the wife of Governor Carl Gunderson of South Dakota and co-founder of the state's poetry magazine Pasque Petals. This book was published by her late son Norris Gunderson of South Bend, Indiana for the family. Today, members of these families decended from her include these family names: Gunderson, Bertelsen, Soutar, LaGrave, Behrens, Wick, Omdahl, Benedict, Mortensen, Schiro. Other family names will be added as they are identified. This note was written by her great-grandson and poet Barry G. Wick of Rapid City, South Dakota. Grandma Gertrude is buried with her husband and all children (except daughter Florence who is buried in Rapid City) at the Bluffs View Cemetary in Vermillion, South Dakota.